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Reg. $32.99

Lively aroma of fresh-cut apple. Light, with hints of lemon and steel. Finishes with a flavor of apple seeds and crushed peppercorns. Subtle apple, orange, and cherry blossom aromas transform into delicate notes of fresh apple and cider. The palate  more
Sku: 100702

Reg. $39.99

  Sku: 001799

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  Sku: P60074

  375ML Half Bottle    
Reg. $24.99

  Sku: 213267

Reg. $84.99
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Aromas of green apple and caramel. Impressive viscosity for a relatively young (hors d'age) spirit. Long finish reminiscent of initial aromas.86 ... more
Sku: 131896

Reg. $19.99

From producer Christian Drouin, this Calvados spends three years aging in old oak barrels. The fruit that goes into this brandy hail from the producerís own orchard in Normandy. A balance of 70% apples and 30% pears is what sets this brandy apart ... more
Sku: 130878

Reg. $369.99
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Deep Amber. Hint of walnut (rancio) on nose. Rich and round apple notes in total harmony with alcohol and tannin. Creamy texture allows waves of developed vanilla to glide across the palate. Finishes with hints of cigar spice and a touch of ... more
Sku: 024015

Reg. $259.99
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Deep Amber. Refined, rich, sweet nose of baked apples, melted toffee, honey and a hint of tobacco. Plenty of bright apple fruit in the mouth with a finishing note of cigar spice and almond.A blend of 25-30 year old Calvados, 80 ... more
Sku: 013310

Reg. $49.99

One of the oldest Calvados producers, Busnel Calvados has been produced at the Distillerie Busnel in the famed Pays díAuge region of Normandy since 1820. Busnel uses sixteen pounds of apples per bottle and over 20 apple varieties to create Calvados ... more
Sku: 003064

Reg. $41.79

  Sku: 1212136