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A bouquet of fruity aromas. It is best enjoyed over ice or as an aperitif with tonic. It mixes with other spirits to add a Normandy twist to your favorite cocktails. It is a wonderful addition to sauces and deserts.... more
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Deep Amber. Tremendous legs: nutty vanilla on the nose. Deep notes of preserved, baked apple, smoke, and prune. Impeccably balanced, earthy complexity. Long, pure finish.40-50 years old, 40 ... more
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One of the oldest Calvados producers, Busnel Calvados has been produced at the Distillerie Busnel in the famed Pays d’Auge region of Normandy since 1820. Busnel uses sixteen pounds of apples per bottle and over 20 apple varieties to create Calvados ... more
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Baked, ripe, and candied apple leap from the glass. The amber color suggests the mouthfeel - voluptuous, rounded and silky with a hint of fruity sweetness. More baked apple and warm fall spices on the palate, with a round, weighty finish.40% ... more
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