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Deep Amber. Tremendous legs: nutty vanilla on the nose. Deep notes of preserved, baked apple, smoke, and prune. Impeccably balanced, earthy complexity. Long, pure finish.40-50 years old, 40 ... more
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From producer Christian Drouin, this Calvados spends three years aging in old oak barrels. The fruit that goes into this brandy hail from the producerís own orchard in Normandy. A balance of 70% apples and 30% pears is what sets this brandy apart ... more
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Lively aroma of fresh-cut apple. Light, with hints of lemon and steel. Finishes with a flavor of apple seeds and crushed peppercorns. Subtle apple, orange, and cherry blossom aromas transform into delicate notes of fresh apple and cider. The palate  more
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A bouquet of fruity aromas. It is best enjoyed over ice or as an aperitif with tonic. It mixes with other spirits to add a Normandy twist to your favorite cocktails. It is a wonderful addition to sauces and deserts.... more
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Baked, ripe, and candied apple leap from the glass. The amber color suggests the mouthfeel - voluptuous, rounded and silky with a hint of fruity sweetness. More baked apple and warm fall spices on the palate, with a round, weighty finish.
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