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Located towards the northern end of Japan's main island of Honshu is the mountainous prefecture of Akita, with its cold winters and heavy snowfall. The fresh air and low temperatures provide the ideal environment for sake fermentation. We have two breweries, DEWATSURU and KARIHO. DEWATSURU is a refined sake that has a soft and subtly gentle flavor, By contrast, KARIHO, made from hard water, is much drier, with a lively, crisp character.

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Reg. $35.99

This smooth Junmai Ginjo from Akita prefecture displays hints of vanilla and minerality. It is a crisp, slightly dry sake with a clean finish. The elegant, subtle character allows it to be a great accompaniment to sushi, but also with shellfish and ... more
Sku: 045310

Reg. $30.99

his old-style sake is produced in the original Kimoto brewing method, giving it a great mellow flavor and higher acidity. Its rustic nature allows it to stand up to grilled chicken, soups and fried foods. It is great for serving warm or sipping cold. more
Sku: 043877

Reg. $69.99
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Highly milled and exceptionally elegant, this Junmai Daiginjo is the quintessential super-premium sake. A perfumed nose of flowers, melon and cherry gives way to a gentle sweetness and full body on the palate. Its smoothness makes this sake ideal ... more
Sku: 1503034