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Anita Und Hans Nittnaus


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Reg. $17.99

Ruby red, very fruity, cherry aroma, a little bit spicy; average weight, Fruity also in the ... more
Sku: 025194

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  Sku: 033800

Reg. $44.99

90% Zweigelt, l0% Blaufränkisch

Dark ruby red, complex nose, ripe, dark fruits (cherries and berries), spicy and well defined with good structured, delicate ... more
Sku: 033825

Reg. $26.99

The Nittnaus family has been in the town of Gols, in the Neusiedler wine region in Burgenland since 1684. The current Nittnaus estate was established by Hans’ grandfather Johann Nittnaus in 1927, and was taken over by Anita & Hans in 1985. In a ... more
Sku: 040752

Reg. $17.99

'This time of year, I like to find a dependable summer white wine that I can go to on a regular basis to provide refreshment and thirst quenching flavor. The Nittnaus family farms their Burgenland vineyard Biodynamically, and they work in a ... more
Sku: P58870

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  Sku: P61151


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