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Chateau de la Chaize


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Chateau de La Chaize : the most famous Castle and Estate in Beaujolais Set within the hills of the ”Cru de Brouilly” in the South of Burgundy, Chateau de La Chaize is the most famous castle and estate in Beaujolais, located in Odenas. The 99ha large vineyard covers 8% of the whole Brouilly ”Appellation”, the largest of the Crus known for its most pleasant and elegant character. Chateau de La Chaize is one of the very few last important privately-owned estates which has remained in the same family until today. In 1967 the present owner, the Marquise de Roussy de Sales succeeded her aunt, the Marquise de Montaigu. At the time the estate was a ”Sleeping Beauty”: no roads, only paths, all the walls were overgrown with ivy, the dwellings were most primitive, the French Garden very neglected and the Vegetable Garden non-existent. The winery installations were out of date and insufficient. Together with her husband she immediately restored the buildings, starting with the houses of the 14 families living on the estate. Then came the Castle and the Gardens, redesigned after the old plans. In 1972 their efforts were rewarded by the Ministry for Culture who gave the Castle, the Gardens and the Cellars the status of ”Monuments Historiques”. As for the wine, the owners decided to manage the selling on their own, no longer depending on the negoce (wine-merchants), creating their own bottle, name, image and market development, setting off for New York carrying their bottles in a bag from one restaurant to another and thereby starting one of the most remarkable French success stories in the U.S .

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Chateau de la Chaize is among the oldest, most historic estates in Burgundys Beaujolais region. Their roughly 250 acres of family owned vineyards cover approximately 8% of Brouilly, the largest Cru appellation of Beaujolais. In spite of the size of  click for more details
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