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One of Spainís first wine families, Codorniu has for more than 450 years produced some of the countryís finest wines. Codorniu owes its leadership position to an unrelenting focus on innovation and quality. The winery enjoys a storied past. A royal supplier to the Spanish Crown since 1897, Codorniuís unique winery and aging cellars are a protected Historical Artistic Monument.

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Reg. $12.99

Bright canary yellow color. Brief, tight beaded mousse. Mild yeasty aromas are apparent in the first inhalations, then with further aeration stone dry quarry scents dominate. Taste profile is dry, lemony, tart, slightly doughy. Aftertaste is lean, ... more
Sku: P13181

Reg. $15.99

Spainís first Rosť Cava made entirely from the stylish Pinot Noir grape, reflecting the spirit of CodornŪu; a combination of pure elegance and innovation. This Brut Cava offers a wide range of woodland fruit characters and a crisp citrus finish that  more
Sku: 015234