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Craneford was founded in 1978 by Leone and Leon Holmes at its original home in Springton. Colin Forbes took over in 1984 and eventually sold to Allan Williams in 1996. But it was not until the current owner, John Zilm, took over that the wines began to earn accolades and gain recognition.

For several years, John was the winemaker at Craneford Winery under Allan. When the opportunity arose to buy the business in 1998, he and his wife Bev jumped at it and moved its vats, casks and everything to his home town, Truro, just off of the Northern edge of the Barossa Valley. where the main road from Adelaide to Sydney carries some 2,500 cars a week.

The move has been an unqualified success.

The home of Craneford Wines is in an old fire station restored to house also Zilm's Gourmet Café. The crusher and press are outside with some tanks but the main tanks for fermentation are inside the building. Although somewhat crowded, it does add atmosphere and, with wonderful aromas wafting into the cafe, a unique winery-cafe experience is enjoyed.

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