Domaine Comte Georges de Vogue
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The de Vog villages wine comes mainly from a 1.8 hectares plot in the climat of Les Porlottes, close to the wood on the western side of the village, with a typical production of a little over 400 cases. The soil here covers a bed of limestone and ... more
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Despite owning portions of Les Baudes and Les Fues in addition to their holding in Amoureuses, there is actually no premier cru wine in these bottles, only the declassified juice from the young (under 25 years) Musigny vines - Musigny in short ... more
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The domaine owns a block of vines accounting for 2.7 hectares and an average production of ~420 cases per year. The vines are located entirely in the Chambolle portion of the vineyard that is closest to the village itself, this provides for a ... more
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The Domaine Comte Georges de Vog is inextricably linked to the Grand Cru vineyard of Musigny - in some eyes the pinnacle of pinot noir - a wine that should be both complete and profound but never heavy: 'majesty itself' claims Clive Coates. ... more
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