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The name Farnese is one of Italy’s most illustrious. In Renaissance times, this noble family’s wines made scintillating appearances on the banquet tables of numerous European courts thanks to Princess Marguerite Farnese (nee Marguerite of Austria, an Emperor’s daughter). In gratitude to the Farneses, successive owners maintained the ancient name on local labels. Farnese wines, encompassing an ample range of terroirs and microclimates throughout Abruzzi, instrumental in achieving complexity and consistency, are crafted in the heart of the Colline Teramane DOCG appellation, at state-of-the-art facilities covering 12.3 acres (3.2 of which is the actual winery). These were entirely refurbished in 2004 and now include ultramodern equipment and vinification lines as well as over 1,000 barriques of the finest French and American oak, employed for a maximum of three years, and 50 Slavonian oak barrels of 25 or 50 hectoliters’ capacity. Joint owners, Valentino Sciotti and the late Camillo de Iuliis, describe the Farnese philosophy in two words: Progetto Qualita, which is a stringent series of quality criteria that provides the framework of every single stage in the process from vineyard to bottle. No one on the Farnese team, no matter how small his role in the total picture, can stray from these demanding standards. The team itself comprises a large group of young, dynamic wine professionals. As Valentino explains, “the latest harvest alone saw us employ 6 highly experienced oenologists, all with a very solid reputation, four of whom had worked for some of the top wineries in France and southern Italy.” These six winemakers are led by Filippo Baccalaro and technical consultant Professor Mario Ercolino - not to mention top-notch agronomists like Remo di Giuliantonio. Research and development go side by side with this impressive quality set-up. “On the one hand, we are firm believers in the future of native grapes and those of southern Italy in particular; on the other, we like new challenges and look to the international wine scene. For example, we have commenced experimenting with select clones of Australian Shiraz as well as varieties from Chile and South Africa.”

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100% Cococciola from old vines in the district of Rocca San Giovanni, covering 20 acres. The fruit is picked when perfectly ripe, and undergoes a brief maceration on the skins, three months on the fine lees and the Charmat Method have enhanced the ... more
Sku: 1957955  

Reg. $26.29
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100% Aglianico del Vulture. After the grapes are harvested they undergo brief maceration on the skins before fermenting for 20 days. The wine then undergoes the Charmat Method for 60 days in autoclaves. Pomegranate in color, with elegant and ... more
Sku: 1957956  

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Deep ruby red color. The nose is filled with the scents of ripe red fruits with a generous dose of mineral and baking spices in support. The palate is in full agreement with the nose offering a great marriage of ripe and juicy red fruits with dried ... more
Sku: 1975779  

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Deep garnet-colored and easy-drinking, a crush of red berries bursts through on the nose. The fruit is layered with a meaty, peppery character that recalls grilled sausage. In the mouth, it’s jammy fruit with a savory edge.... more
Sku: 1975778  


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