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La Viarte 

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From a young age Giuseppe Ceschin had a great passion for wine, studying enology as soon as he was old enough and traveling around Italy gaining experience working for wineries in various regions. With the support of his wife, Carla, he followed his dream to Friuli, where the couple worked for thirteen long years before seizing an opportunity to purchase 35 hectares in Prepotto, near the border of Slovenia. The land was a long way from ready, but the Ceschins saw their future in it and dedicated the next decade to the hard labor of building terraces and planting new vineyards. In 1984 the family finally celebrated their first harvest and the realization of their dream. They chose the Friulian word for springtime as the name of the estate since it was the beginning of a new era in their lives. Giuseppe and Carla’s son, Giulio, says that he “grew up with their dream, breathing their passion, which helped me discover the fascinating world of wine.” Giulio firmly believes that children should experience the outside world and explore various options before choosing their paths in life, but his own search made him realize that he shared his father’s passion and had the same drive to draw out the best of what his land has to offer. Today Giulio and his wife Federica have expanded La Viarte to 41 hectares, including 17 hectares of forest that he has conserved to maintain the area’s ecological balance. Like his father he focuses on local varietals, such as Friulano, Ribolla Gialla, and Schioppettino, and he continues to use traditional methods in the vineyards and winery.

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