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The world of wine is not a simple, one-dimensional world. It is a world in which generations try to understand each other and at the same time offer their own contribution. This is a heritage which grows slowly and ponderously, learning from mistakes and difficulties, taking the royal road where possible, which is hardly ever the quickest path. This heritage involves accepting events extensively, without submitting to the siren call of immediate results, affecting the day-to-day work whilst respecting the coherence of the greater vision. All this, and many more great, unlimited factors, lead the members of the Mastroberardino family to see themselves as interpreters, who receive a testimony and in turn pass it on. Aware of this, they see their role as being merely as a component of a harmonious process, in which all parts become an indivisible whole, in reverence to the cultural message which this long history embodies and bequeaths…...

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The name of this wine is rooted in biblical ... more
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Colour Deep ruby red Bouquet Complex, ample, ... more
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Colour Deep ruby red Bouquet The bouquet is ... more
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Colour Deep ruby red Bouquet Persistent hints ... more
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