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Established in the 1750s by winemaker Pietro di Mastro Berardino, Mastroberardino is Campania”s most renowned winery. Pietro was awarded the professional title of Mastro as testament to his skill in quality winemaking, a tradition that continued uninterrupted for 10 generations and lives on to this day.

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Savory and herbaceous with grassy nuances, this Fiano is sourced from vineyards planted at some of the highest altitudes in Campania - a fact that becomes readily apparent from the wine's fresh, well-integrated acidity.Pale lemon-green in color, ... click for more details
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The name of this wine is rooted in biblical history. According to the legend, God cried when he found a corner of Heaven stolen by Lucifer: where his tears fell, there grew the grapes that make Lacryma Christi, translated as "tears of Christ." Made ... click for more details
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Colour: Ruby red Nose: Full, complex, intense bouquet redolent of violet and berries Palate: In the mouth it is enveloping, elegant, and persistent. The background has distinct notes of plum, bitter cherry, strawberry jam, black pepper ... click for more details
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Colour Deep ruby red Bouquet Full, complex and intense with notes of tobacco, cherry, berries and balsamic aromas Palate In the mouth, it is enveloping, elegant and persistent. In the background, distinct notes of bitter cherry, strawberry jam  click for more details
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