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After what was a very difficult beginning, with various problems stemming from leasing property and so on, I bought the best terrain available and I started building a cellar.: that was in 1988. The 1990 harvest, which began to reveal the great potential of the Sangiovese grape, marked the initiation of using wooden barrels, for the estate: in the beginning with a capacity of 220 litres, since 1992 with barrels of 10 and 35 ql. In 1991 I planted my first experimental vineyard (15 hectares) with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, two grape varieties that show great expression and character in the area of Bolgheri, and Sangiovese that is my favourite variety. At the same time I also decided to experiment with the potential for Syrah. In 1997 I purchased ”Castagni” and ”Poderini” two vineyards which bordered my property, thus consolidating the estate. I also enlarged the cellar by building underneath the hill in contact with the rock, a substrate of our lands, I acquired a space that is finally adequate to raise wine in barriques. In the last ten years the estate reached its definitive size, 30 hectares, and I am about to plant the last 5 hectares of them. Along my way I chose to collaborate with a group of people, who I felt a certain closeness to and personally linked by a mutual sense of responsibility. We aspire to accomplish every day our goals adhering to traditional manual methods. I am very grateful for the collaboration of two young men professionally well-prepared: Claudio Benvenuti in sales and marketing and Fabio Motta working in production. Along with Cinzia at the cellar, Roberta at the exports and Monica in the office, each of them represents more than a simple collaborator, rather paarticipates with personal responsibility in a work that somehow belongs to them.

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The color is intense ruby-red. Aromas of summer red fruit with notes of blueberry and blackberry, straw and green grass. On the palate, same explosive fruit corresponds to the aromas, with a core that is deep and solid that gives great drinkability ... more
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