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Nepenthe's commitment to consistently high quality wine starts with the land. In fact, we're so dedicated to quality that we formed a specialised company to deal with the demands of our high altitude vines - Nepenthe Viticulture - Which provides viticulture management and contract servires to other vineyards.

Both the Nepenthe and the Charleston vineyards provide ample visual testimony to the exceptional beauty of the Lenswood area of the Adelaide Hills. Together, the two vineyard areas' extensive variety of soils and diverse topography add to the wonderful complexity and richness of the Nepenthe wines.

We also insist on the best quality fruit. At high altitude, our premium vines produce frighteningly low yields - but what they lack in quantity they more than make up for in quality and concentrated flavour.

Credit for this exceptional fruit must be given to our viticulturist and vineyard staff; not forgetting for a moment the importance of our site, soil, and clone, and the effect of the season. If all of these factors combine correctly, the only other thing to get right is the picking date: the 'window of opportunity' to pick the fruit with the correct flavour spectrum is narrow, and requires the winemaker to spend considerable time in the vineyard at harvest.

Successfully steering a temperamental high altitudinal system of half a dozen grape varieties - including the infamous zinfandel - through vintage after vintage requires infinite patience and an intimate understanding of wine making that (almost by definition) verges on the obsessional. So, before you banish sorrow from your soul with the next sip of Nepenthe, take a moment to reflect on our never ending struggle to bring you the very best in South Australian wine.

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