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Rudi Wiest Selections 

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Reg. $22.19
24% discount on 12 bottles for $202.68

  Sku: 1908457  

Reg. $17.59
24% discount on 12 bottles for $160.68

Selected by Robert Eymael, a leading producer in the village of Ürzig, famous for the wines from the Ürziger Wurzgarten and Erdener Pralat vineyards. Blended together with Rudi Wiest, creating an example of the classic Mosel Riesling.... more
Sku: 1964950  

Reg. $16.39
24% discount on 12 bottles for $149.88

Rhein River Riesling Wines Rhein River Riesling is a clean, bright, flavorful, rich and balanced wine. With its simple and attractive package it reflects the light elegance of the wine in the bottle. An easy to remember label states exactly what the  more
Sku: 1938861