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Asahi Shuzo was founded in 1916. Their philosophy is to express Kikaijima island through their own shochu. They are the only distiller that cultivates sugarcane and makes brown sugar in its own factory and they use hard water containing many minerals which gushes from the limestone layers of the local coral reef. The distillery is located 380km south of Kagoshima and northeast of the Amami archipelago.

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This mellow honjozo sake from the Akita prefecture is rustic with a firm structure, which makes it enjoyable at a range of temperatures, from chilled to warm. Its nutty and earthy notes are balanced by a clean finish and it complements hearty meals ... click for more details
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Akita Komachi means “beauty of Akita” and is both a reference to the fair ladies for which the region is known as well as its cherished local rice of the same name. This daiginjo has upfront notes of white pepper that fade into dried apricot ... click for more details
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