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Modern day Szigeti (pronounced Zig-it-ee) was born when brother team Norbert and Peter Szigeti returned to their home town of Gols to take over the family business in 1990. The brothers decided on a deceptively simple approach to making high quality, affordable sparkling wine. They insist on using only the finest grapes from carefully tended vineyards, and generate a firm bubble using the Méthode Traditionnelle (highly labor intensive bottle fermentation process), and distinctive mousseux by using yeasts indigenous to Champagne, France. Their philosophy is succinctly listed at the top of Szigeti's letterhead: "Traditional bottle fermentation * Unmistakeable fizz * Unique character." Norbert acts as the cellar master and both have formal training in viniculture from a school in Krems, and real world experience in Brazil and Austria with other sparkling wine producers.

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This dry sparkler has a classic mouthwatering ... more
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