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Disaronno Liqueur

Disaronno Liqueur

750ML     le Ends 
Sku: 001651

Still prepared today, according to the secret recipe jealously hedged in and known only to few people, DISARONNO's pleasant and distinctive taste make it an inimitable and ideal liqueur for any occasion: high-class versatility to enjoy in an impressive international array of cocktails and long drinks - unique taste to appreciate straight up or on the rocks.

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Many will recognize the square dimpled bottle on the back bar right away. The amber liquid inside the bottle is distinctive too, with its sweet amaretto-cookie aroma and thin, almond extract flavor, touched with vanilla and orange. It’s a classic for amaretto sours or lacing coffee. - K.N.

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Country: Italy
Region: Lombardy
Type: Cordials & Liquers - Imported

Reg. $36.99
On Sale $33.99
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