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Delamain Cognac Tres Venerable

Delamain Cognac Tres Venerable

Sku: 006683

Tres Venerable is named for its venerable status, having been aged for the maximum period over which Cognac can improve in cask. Like most Cognac houses, Delamain does not grow grapes but instead purchases eaux-de-vie from trusted grower/distillers who offer their finest spirits for evaluation after each harvest. The selected spirits are aged separately in old, 350-liter oak barrels called roux rather than new oak, which would lend too much tannin. After 50 to 55 years of aging, the Cognac is blended, then allowed to age 2 years further to marry the flavors and textures of its components.

Tasting notes
Blended from Cognacs of 45 to 50 years of age, the profound bouquet of this complex spirit suggests dried fruits and toasted oak offset by a note of rancio, carrying into a spectrum of mature flavors of sublime length.

Food pairing
The highest-quality Cognac is usually enjoyed after dinner as a contemplative drink. It should be served at cool room temperature or slightly chilled and allowed to warm in the glass, slowly releasing waves of aroma. Pour about 1 inch of Cognac into a thin tulip-shaped glass. Pause to smell the aromas, then take small sips to appreciate the Cognacís smooth texture, its expressive layers of flavor and its lengthy finish. Cognac connoisseurs enjoy its aromas long after the glass is empty.

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Country: France
Region: Cognac
Type: Cognacs
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