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Ramsay Pinot Noir 2014

Ramsay Pinot Noir 2014

Sku: 008515

The mouth of this wine is a stunning example of what Pinot Noir can be-rich, complex, yet full of bright fruitiness and spice. The predominant characters follow the nose-dark bramble-berry fruit, along with some bright cherry notes, toasty oak and a good hit of classic Burgundian complexity. Over it all is a bright balance of cardamom spice. The tannins are in just a little drying, sort of like chewing on a marigold, and offset the fruit nicely.
- Winery

Wine maker notes
2014 was a nice year to grow Pinot Noir. The grapes came in just the way I like them. Juicy and plump with no raisins and no rot. The result was a lovely juicy and plump wine, full of rich Pinot Noir fruit, bramble and roses.

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