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Preston Zinfandel 2011

Preston Zinfandel 2011

Sku: 011580

Wine maker notes
Zins are more than a delicious red wine and the vinous trademark of Dry Creek Valley. They carry with them the heart and soul of our antecedents who settled and farmed the valley, and in them you can hear echoes of our legacy. Zinfandel was the first commercially successful wine grape in Dry Creek and it contributed the backbone of many blended wines throughout northern Sonoma County. It was the preferred grape of Italian immigrants sharing their kitchen tables with hearty home-grown fare. The creeks ran red with spilt Zinfandel wine when the revenuers hacked apart cooperage during Prohibition. And the spirit of Zinfandel lives on in the form of old local head-trained vines that survive into the 21st century. We have a few of those heritage vines and they are the progenitors of our Zinfandel program.

Food pairing
Childhood memories of my grandmother and aunts always stuffing things: from breast of veal to mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, potatoes and zucchini with their ”Ping” which included eggs, oil, bread crumbs, spinach, parmesan, oregano and not to forget: garlic. Though I didn’t drink more than a tiny tiny glass, Zinfandel would have been my first choice when they came out of the oven.

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