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Preston of Dry Creek Valley L. Preston Red 2011

Preston of Dry Creek Valley L. Preston Red 2011

Sku: 023492

A farmerís name is his trademark and promise. It says, "it's mine, it works and itís good." L. Preston is Lou Prestonís trademark and his promise; itís a synthesis of the best of the Prestonsí vineyards.

Preston wines have always featured blending as a creative expression. A salute to the field blends of earlier times, blending also achieves balance and breadth of flavor by the combination of different estate-grown grapes from a singular terroir.

L.Preston is a RhŰne-style blend: Syrah, Carigane, MourvŤdre, Cinsault; it has the grapes and the character to slip unobtrusively onto a Bandol table or into a ProvenÁal carafe. But it is also a typical Dry Creek wine. Shiraz, Carigan, Mataro, Malvoisie; the same grapes with different names, itís at home here, too.

Some might call this wine classic Californian, following the pre-1970s definition of a varietal wine. We think of L.Preston as fusion France/Sonoma, a metaphoric confluence of the RhŰne River and Dry Creek. You might call it classic con-fusion, but at least you know itís Louís wine, it works and itís good.

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