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Hangar 1 Vodka Kaffir Lime

Hangar 1 Vodka Kaffir Lime

Sku: 023702

Kaffir Limes are rare, rough-skinned citrus native to central Indonesia. We love lime, but it's really hard to distill without ending up with something that smells artificial and candy-like. Thatís why we turned to Kaffir lime, which goes in directions that standard lime or key lime cannot. Kaffir limes and leaves are mainstays of Thai cuisine because of their high aromatic oil content and intense flavor. There are notes of wood, white pepper and cucumber. We infuse Kaffir leaves with the fruit to increase the richness and complexity.

Tasting notes
Bold limeflavors and aromas are coupled with notes of wood, white pepper, and cucumber for unmatched complexity.

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Country: United States
Region: California
Type: Vodka and Liqueur
Style: Lime

Reg. $32.99

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