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Fritsch Zweigelt Red Soil 2010

Fritsch Zweigelt Red Soil 2010

Sku: 024033

I found harmony and balance in the 2009 'Red Soil' Zweigelt, as well as lovely, caressing fruit that hasnít been overworked in the cellar. The flavors are a pure expression of Zweigelt, juicy and mouthwatering, and simply work with many different flavors and foods. This wine has no clumsiness or heavy-handedness, and a refreshing 12.5 percent alcohol thatís becoming more and more rare. Simply put, this is a wine that celebrates good food and the conviviality of a good meal.
~ Bart, 67Wine Buyer

Other text
Karl Fritsch is a minimalist winemaker, allowing the grapes to speak of their special place in the ĎRed Soilí of the Wagram region. The estate belongs to a group of Austrian wineries called Respekt who farm biodynamically and mentor each other with their farming practices. However, since the organization 'Demeter Austria' holds the trademark on the word ĎBiodynamic,í Respekt cannot use that term on their labels. Even so, all of the Respekt growers farm in accordance with Rudolf Steinerís Biodynamic principles, and with superb results.

Food pairing
Whether Iím dining in a restaurant with Jillian or with a group, itís extremely rare for everyone to order the same dish. Yet inevitably, weíll have one wine on the table. A good sommelier knows that in tricky situations such as this, that wine needs to be versatile and compatible with a variety of foods. This might explain why I see Zweigelts popping up on wine lists. Zweigelt is a medium bodied, softly fruited red from Austria that compliments light meat dishes as well as it does seafood and vegetables.
~ Bart, 67Wine Buyer

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Country: Austria
Region: Weinland
Sub-Region: Burgenland
Grape Varietal: Zweigelt
Type: Still wine

Reg. $18.99

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