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Ozeki Sake Premium Junmai

Ozeki Sake Premium Junmai

Sku: 025245

Ozeki Sake is the first Japanese sake brewery to locally brew sake in the US, using locally grown rice and water sourced from Sierra Nevada. First established in 1979 in Hollister, California, this junmai sake is crisp with full bodied flavor. It can be enjoyed chilled or warmed and paired with a variety of foods from sushi, tempura, to BBQ.

Tasting notes
Ozeki Premium Junmai is one of the three sake products that Ozeki first brewed in California in 1979. Ozeki Premium Junmai is the traditional style sake that you can enjoy anyway you would like with a variety of dishes. This sake is dry and delicate on the palate with a full-bodied flavor and well-balanced aroma. Let it warm you in the winter and cool you in the summer!

Technical notes
Sake Meter Value: +4 Alcohol: 16% Acidity: 1.6 Polish Rate: 70%

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Country: United States
Region: California
Grape Varietal: Rice
Type: Still wine
Classification: Junmai

Reg. $8.99

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