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Hou Hou Shu Sparkling Sake

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Hou Hou Shu Sparkling Sake

Sku: 026128

A modern style sparkling sake from Okayama prefecture. The bubbles are produced from natural fermentation and give the sake a full, sweet flavor. It can be enjoyed with acidic desserts, like blueberries and cassis, or mixed in a cocktail with a splash of lemon.

Polish: 69%
SMV: -40
Rice: Akebono
Method: Sparkling

Technical notes
Seimaibuai: 69% Nihonshudo: -40 Acidity: 6.0 Amino Acidity: Rice: Akebono Yeast: #9 Shubo Method:Kohon Tohka Pressing: Yabuta Filtration: None Resting: Pasturization:Once

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Country: Japan
Region: Okayama
Grape Varietal: Rice
Type: Sparkling
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Reg. $15.99

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