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Quivira Grenache 2011

Quivira Grenache 2011

Sku: 033879

While it is still a fairly new arrival in the Dry Creek Valley, Grenache clearly finds Quivira's Mediterranean climate to its liking. Left to its own nature, Grenache will set a very bountiful crop of up to ten tons per acre. In 2006 Quivira made at least four separate passes through the vineyard selectively dropping clusters from weak shoots or ones that had been bleached by the sun. After the final drop, they had reduced the yield down to 3.25 tons per acre. This reduced crop load allowed the vines to focus all their energy on the remaining fruit giving them far greater concentration than they had ever seen from these vines in the past. This severe selection is what gave Quivira a wine that moves past the simple strawberry aromatics of many new-world Grenaches, and shows the more savory and spicy notes that are found in the great wines of the southern Rhône Valley.

Grenache's great appeal lies in its velvety texture and seductive nose of spice, earth and fruit. It is also one of the most versatile wines at the table. Perhaps poached halibut and raw oysters do not go with Grenache, but virtually everything else on earth does.

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