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Karlsson's Vodka Gold

Karlsson's Vodka Gold

Sku: 034169

What if, instead of distilling vodka ad infinitum and removing every trace of its origin, you very, very carefully distilled it only once to preserve as much as possible of its inherent flavors?

Like the good folks who make premium Calvados and Armagnac?

Definitely a more challenging but seriously more rewarding task.

For one thing, you couldn't start with any old brew with alcohol in it and fire up. You'd need to pay very special attention to what you were distilling your vodka from. In our case, the very finest Golden Potatoes of Sweden. Again, compare it to Calvados and Armagnac, if you like.

Furthermore, even with an ultra-modern distillery like ours, it's not a matter of industrial manufacturing. What's also required are subtle and fine blending techniques and a painstaking human effort to arrive at such a different Super Premium Vodka.

That's how we make Karlsson's Gold Vodka.

 Wine Enthusiast 94 points (Oct 2013)
This is a vodka with character. A distinct counterpoint to ultradistilled vodkas, this potato vodka is distilled only once and left unfiltered, which accounts for its unique earthiness. Initial notes have a funkiness reminiscent of truffles. It finishes with black pepper and ginger, and a buttery mouthfeel. A standout for a bloody mary, dirty martini or any other savory cocktail.

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Country: Sweden
Type: Vodkas - Imported

Reg. 34.99

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