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Broadbent Madeira 5 Year Old Reserve 750ML

Broadbent Madeira 5 Year Old Reserve 750ML

Sku: 034801

The wine is an amber color with aromas of vanilla and raisins; the finish is long with notes of chocolate.

Madeira is a familiar ingredient to cooks, it is used in flavorful pan-sauces - such as Chicken Madeira. On its own, Madeira is a delicious beverage. It combines tertiary flavors found in aged wine - like nut and toffee - with the youthful, liveliness of high acidity. The drink evokes the explorer's spirit, as it was popularized during the Age of Exploration, when Portuguese ships dispersed the wine to ports from India to Brazil. The wines were fortified with the addition of a spirit so that they would withstand long sea voyages (without turning to vinegar). The wine suffered extreme temperature fluctuation on the sun-baked seafaring ships. Surprisingly, the wine improved with this treatment, so becoming the style of Madeira.

Drink Madeira anytime! As an aperitif, with meat and cheeses, with dessert! Excellent with mushroom risotto, sharp cheeses, and roast meats.

This wine is extremely stable and will last for up to one year after opening.

- Sadie, 67 Wine Buyer

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