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Domaine des Terres Dorees Frv

Domaine des Terres Dorees Frv

Sku: 035161

Terres Dorees FRV100 is pink, sparkling Gamay.

What the heck does FRV100 mean? Many people find the name rather confusing... Actually, it is a brilliant play on words using phonetic pronunciations understandable to the average consumer. Here's how it works. The phonetic pronunciation of FRV 100 in English may be EFF ARE VEE ONE HUNDRED, but in French, a different story. In French, FRV 100 is EFF ERR VAY SONT – in other words EFFERVESCENT!

No matter houw you say it, FRV 100 is light, fruity and delicious! Robert Parker has rated Brun as a four-star producer (the only other Beaujolais producers with four stars are in the Crus) and has written about his wines: “Proprietor Brun is a believer in using only the vineyard’s wild yeast, rather than the synthetic yeasts used by most other producers. His beautiful wines are favorites among purists.”

Only a minimal amount of S02 is used at bottling to keep the wine fresh and “headache-free”. Fermentation naturally produces a lot of CO2, which acts as protection against oxidation during aging. Filtration is also minimal so that the wine keeps its original fruit and aromas. That's right....this is sparkling Gamay made by méthode ancestrale!

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