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Daedelus Pinot Noir Labrynth 2008

Daedelus Pinot Noir Labrynth 2008

Sku: 040754

Wine maker notes
Daedalus (DAY - de - lus) Cellars is a small winery in Oregonís W illamette Valley. We source from some of the best vineyards in the state and handle the fruit minimally and carefully to create balanced wines with complex fruit and elegant structure. Their refinement makes them natural partners for a wide range of foods and ensures their graceful maturation.

Aron Hess, our winemaker, tastes through the barrels in the cellar regularly and grades each barrel on overall quality, expression of the vintage, how well it expresses terroir, and what unique characteristics it ha s to offer that will create supreme structure and balance. The Labyrinth is a blend of what he feels is the best wine that the cellar has to offer in any given vintage. Each component is carefully selected both for its superior quality and for what it ha s to give to the blend as a whole.

The 2008 Labyrinth is, as usual, mostly Pommard clone Pinot Noir. The most elegant and complex old - vine fruit from Maresh, Durant, Thistle, and Murto vineyards have been blended to create the wine that is the pinnacle of our Pinot Noir production. The wine maintains the focused fruit flavors, powerful structure and fleshy mouthfeel that have come to characterize this wine. It should drink well on release with decanting, but will develop greater nuance and richness ove r the next fifteen years.

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