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Cocchi Americano

Cocchi Americano

Sku: 042090

Giulio Cocchi's original recipe Americano is more that just a simple aperitif in the town of Asti - in fact, it is the aperitif by definition, a piece of this century's local cultural and gastronomic history. This is the original Americano, produced without a break since 1891 according to an entirely natural recipe: white wine aromatized with many herbs and spices, no artificial coloring, flavoring or additive of any kind.

It is produced in limited quantities and matured for a year before being put on sale. The new bottle in that form of the classic clear glass Bordeaux shape is designed to show the aperitif's natural origins as a wine, quite different to other inventive aperitifs based on alcohol.

Serve chilled in a tumbler or in an appropriate glass with a twist of orange peel and if desired, ice cubes. A splash of soda is indispensable to make the full aroma and perfume come out at their best. This is the classic way to serve it, as preferred by the "purists" who have known this drink for ever. The Americano's natural refreshing qualities remain even when diluted as a long drink; it's an excellent thirst quencher. The addition of soda (or sparkling mineral water) even brings it into the "low alcohol drink" category.

Some barmen mix it with 1/10 of Aperol, or perhaps Campari, for those who prefer a more bitter taste.

A natural House Aperitif in bars because of the easy-to-like taste, the low alcohol level, and a natural facility as a mixer with other good ingredients.

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Country: Italy
Region: Piedmont
Sub-Region: Asti
Grape Varietal: Muscat Blanc A Petits Grains
Type: Aperitifs
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