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Redemption Rye Whiskey

Redemption Rye Whiskey

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The U.S. Government Standards require "rye whiskey" to be made from a mash of at least 51% rye grain. For Redemption Rye we use a mash of 95% premium rye grain for a spicy and bold flavor and we use premium rye, which costs more but is well worth it, because when you use good ingredients you get good rye whiskey. The U.S. Government Standards also require that rye whiskey be aged in "new charred oak barrels" which means that new oak barrels are burned on the inside, and it's from the charred wood and the expansion and contraction of the whiskey in and through the wood of the barrel through the seasons that whiskey gets its amber color and the flavor is smoothed. We bottle in small batches which allows us to leave the whiskey in the barrels longer for the most flavor and color. We empty the barrels and filter for particles, cut it down to 92 proof and bottle it immediately so that the most flavor from the barrel makes it into the bottle. We then mark each bottle with the batch and bottle number by hand. Then the bottles are packed into cases and shipped around to the country, and that's the Redemption Rye process! So enjoy this fine rye responsibly and share our pride in this great American Spirit.

Notes: This is the 2-3 year-old Rye which is about whenit gets some nice color and settles down enough to have a lot of flavor and character without taking the varnish off furniture (or the inside of your guts) . While the legal minimum for Rye whiskey is 51% these guys have one of the highest ( if not the highest ) percentage at a whopping 95%! Distilled in Indiana and bottled in Kentucky.

Appearance: Deep amber, old copper/bronze in the bottle, northern wheat in the glass. Nice edge line on the glass when you swirl it, smooth layer of whiskey. On swirling, with scattered droplets rather than legs developing.

First Impression: Rye spiciness, leather, toffee, allspice, malt, dried dark fruits. Clean spicy finish.

Taste: Decent rye malt body, nice texture and mouth feel. There is a spicy sourness with an underlying sweetness that makes for a nice overall rye.

Drinks: If you want to make a faithful recreation of bygone cocktails, especially those hailing from Prohibition, this one fits the bill nicely. Rye is, of course, the proper whiskey for a Manhattan. Bourbon was later substituted as rye was on the brink of extinction for a number of years until recently, but rye was the original ingredient.

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Country: United States
Region: Kentucky

Reg. $27.99

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