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Domaine Binner Muscat Ca Gazouille 2008

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Domaine Binner Muscat Ca Gazouille 2008

Sku: 043739

Audrey and Chrisitan Binner are two of the best vignerons in Alsace. As members of a select group of environmentally conscious winemakers called the AVN (French for the Natural Wine association), these young winemakers and farmers are working with some of the best land available in Alsace, including several parcels of grand cru land in Kaefferkopf and parcels around around Ammerschwihr. All 60 of the wines produced at Binner are vibrant, exotic and typical of the grapes and growing areas of Alsace. Ever grape grown by this domaine is grown organically and harvested quite late in the year – even into November in some vintages. After harvest, the wines are fermented until all sugar possible is fermented out; all wines are allowed to go through natural (not induced) malolactic fermentation. The wines are then released at a time when Christian and Audrey feel they are ready. These wines are farmed naturally and biodynamically, aged at the domaine, without added sulfur, even at bottling.  The domaine is not large, and due to the fact that they produce 60 different bottlings including blends, single grape varietal bottles, single vineyards and even a few wines that are filtered, the supply of wines for this domaine is very limited. 67 wines was recently offered a few cases of the Muscat Ça Gazouille!! in magnum. If you have never seen a magnum of wine from Alsace these bottles are tall, skinny and beautiful, and in this case, so is the wine inside! Muscat is one of those grapes, like Riesling, that can be misunderstood, and can run the range from dry, crisp wine to syrupy viscous slop. The Binner Ça Gazouille!! is totally dry and highly aromatic. The nose shows beautiful white peach and apricots, as well as a great stony minerality. The palate is complete, dry and has stunning finish. This wine in Magnum is a total steal, and from one of the best vintages from Alsace. Perfect for your next few parties or group BYOB. – Ben W. 08/19/11

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