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Comb Vodka

Comb Vodka

Sku: 043806

COMB is distilled from honey whereas most vodka is made from corn, wheat or potatoes. We believe that the vodka you produce is only as good as what goes into it, so we start our process by making a wonderfully light and dry honey wine. WHY HONEY? Honey is expensive, itís hard to work with and fermenting it can be difficult. So, why do we use it? Honey, like different grapes for wine, can provide a number of varietal options. Our honey is made from orange blossoms which contributes its unique character and allows us to create a perfectly balanced spirit. WE GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. We get concerned when we hear how many times vodka has been distilled. Four times, six times, nine times?! Continued heating of the alcohol can introduce undesired flavors and have an adverse affect on the final product. We distill the honey wine concentrate precisely and gently to capture its essence and character.

Tasting notes
COMB has a slight nose of orange blossoms with a full rounded flavor and a smooth finish.

Technical notes
Alcohol: 80 Proof, 40% ABV

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Country: United States
Region: New York
Type: Vodkas - Domestic
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Reg. $35.99

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