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Zidarich Vitovska 2008

Zidarich Vitovska 2008

Sku: 044175

Carso, the eastern most Friulian DOC, is a mineral rich, iron heavy land heavily influenced by strong winds, or bora, blowing in from the nearby shores of the Adriatic. These minerally wines have a density and weight without having high alcohol (is anyone thinking of Germany or Austria?) yet a flavor profile that can be from no other place than Carso. Benjamin Zidarich began his winery in 1994. His training comes primarily from his work with Radikon and Edi Kante. Though his wines hold a deep color (usually around 14 day maceration) the wines remain light on their feet without being tanic. Zidarich has worked hard to incorporate his winery into the surrounding landscape, holding deep admiration for the land on which he lives he farms biodynamically.

Grown on fewer than 3 hectares of land this tiny estateon the border of Slovenia is making some of the most unique wines in all of Italy. Benjamin Zidarichís Vitovska (in Slovenian the name Vitovska refers to a duke or knight) is a tour de force in balance. The 2009 is utterly fragrant, showing a mix of honeysuckle and stone fruit. The hallmark of his wines is the driving minerality. Thereís a river stone quality that, combined with texture and weight, propels his wines into a singular category. While the wines are good young they clearly take on complexity with time. Drink now, but save one for the long. Ė Melissa S. | Wine Buyer

Wine maker notes
"I work as hard as possible for balance in the wines. We donít achieve high alcohols here unless you force it. We see what each year gives us and when the time is right we have to pick it. If we look for exaggerated traits in the vineyard then those traits will be exaggerated and overdone in the wines. If you have a recipe for pasta and you are suppose to cook it for 8 minutes then you cook it for 8 minutes. If you do more then you donít eat the pasta."
Winemaker: Benjamin Zidarich

Technical notes
625 cases produced DOC: Carso 100% Vitovska Punch down 3x a day 100% Fermented and aged in Tini (conical large wooden casks) Time in barrel: 18 months Exposure: Southeast Soil: Marne, iron rich Density: 9,000 plant per hectare! Altitude: 260 Meters

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