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Eiko Fuji Ban Ryu Honjozo  Ten Thousand Ways

Eiko Fuji Ban Ryu Honjozo Ten Thousand Ways

Sku: 044804

This sake is a honjozo grade from the prefecture Yamagata, located in northern Japan. This is a crystal clear, light, and fruity sake, with aromas of cherries and hints of fresh herbs. As a honjozo, it is lighter and smoother than other sake grades, making it a pleasant and enjoyable sake to sip and share. The Japanese "ban ryu" translates to "ten-thousand ways," referring to the various ways this sake can be enjoyed: it can be served chilled, at room temperature, or warm and can be accompanied with a range of foods or simply drunk on its own.

Polish: 65%
SMV: +1
Rice: Yamagata table rice

Technical notes
Seimaibuai: 65% Nihonshudo: +1 Acidity: 1 Aminno Acidity: 1.2 Rice: Yamagata table rice Yeast: Association #10 Shubo Method: Kohon Tohka Pressing: Yabuta Filtration: Paper filter to remove small particles Pasteurization: Twice

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Country: Japan
Region: Yamagata
Grape Varietal: Rice
Type: Still wine
Classification: Futsuu-Shu

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On Sale $19.99
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