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Tozai Sake Junmai Living Jewel

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Tozai Sake Junmai Living Jewel

Sku: 044812

A sake from the Kyoto prefecture, known for its clean, soft mountain water. This is a medium bodied sake with aromas of grape and sweet rice. Its creamy texture is accompanied by herbal notes and hints of white pepper. This is a great sake to simply sip or pair with a range of foods.

Polish: 70%
SMV: +6.5
Rice: Koshihikari

Tasting notes
The aromas of white grape, anise, and a hint of sweet rice are quite complex. These same flavors come rushing through the medium-bodied palate which has a slightly creamy texture followed by a hint of white pepper and fresh herbal notes. The long, clean finish makes this a great sippping sake as well as a companion to a wide range of foods.

Technical notes
Seimaibuai: 70% (30% of rice grain polished away) Rice: Koshihikari Yeast: Brewer’s Original Nihonshu-do: 6.5 Alcohol: 14.9% Acidity: 1.6

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Country: Japan
Region: Kyoto
Grape Varietal: Rice
Type: Still wine

Reg. $20.99

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