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Terzavia Lucido 2009       750 2009 750 2009

Terzavia Lucido 2009 750 2009 750 2009

Sku: 044848

The wine color is straw yellow, sometimes amber, with a hint of Mediterranean fruit to the nose. It is a full-bodied wine with great structure. Paulsen (1905) considers this grape to be a selection of the Catarratto Bianco Comune, though this variety appears more compact and presents less pruina. The Catarratto Bianco Comune is one of the oldest grape varieties cultivated in Sicily, it is more widespread in the Western part of the island, where 26,000 hectares (64,247 acres) are found in the province of Trapani alone. In his Hortus Catholicus, published in 1696, the monk, Francesco Cupani reported that this was one of the varieties used in the production of the Marsala wine.

Tasting notes
2009 Terzavia (de Bartoli) white IGT Catarratto "Lucido" Sicily. Thought to be the offspring of Garganega (the main grape variety found in Soave), Catarratto is one of Sicily’s most widely planted white grape varietals. The 2009 Terzavia is rather robust with full flavors of apricot, citrus, white fruits and a touch of creamy vanilla. Catarratto is rarely found outside of Sicily where it is well-represented and is often blended with other native white varieties. Like many of the whites from the region, it possesses a highly perfumed bouquet with hints of tangerine blossom and citron on the nose. There is a dry nutty essence to the wine that pairs wonderfully with the wine's zesty Meyer lemon, and honeysuckle-infused core.

Lucido means polished, and I can’t find a more apt word for such a transporting wine. Why transporting? Orange blossom, lemon blossom, the sea, and its wind all tangle and overlap in deep, impressive layers to express true western Sicily. It’s a class act, as is its maker, Renato de Bartoli. Renato’s complex Catarratto shows a robust side without sacrificing nimbleness. Texturely dense, showing orange oil and peel, the vibe is distinctly Mediterranean at its core, and we’d happily drink for pleasure, or pair with a clean dinner of grilled/baked fish, lemon wedge, and aromatic rice. – Melissa Sutherland | Wine Buyer

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