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Venica & Venica Collio Pinot Grigio 2012

Venica & Venica Collio Pinot Grigio 2012

Sku: 044869

Tasting notes
The natural copper-colored extracted with maceration isthe signature of this wine and its richness with reminiscent of pear Williams, banana, and Acacia flowers wrapped in a slight scent of fresh apricot. Intriguing taste with pleasant flavors of pear syrup and quince peels. Good acid/alcohol balance with a long fruity finish.

Friuli, in Italy’s northeast corner, is home to some of the most exciting (and sometimes experimental – note: Sant’ Elena Klodic on the shelf) Pinot Grigios being produced. Family-owned, the two Venica brothers Gianni and Giorgio follow the family’s philosophy to showcase site expression. “Jesera” in Slovenian, means “little lake” and here, is the name of the single vineyard site. Polished and elegant, the Jesera shows a texture not often found in Pinot Grigio, and delivers an astoundingly long finish. It will appeal to any wine lover, including confirmed PG lovers. Got a vocal anti-Pinot Grigio drinker in the crowd? We beseech you, blind them on this wine.
- Melissa Sutherland, Wine Buyer

Wine maker notes
Jesera: means in Slovenian “little lake” and it’s the name of the major vineyard from where grapes are picked. This site is at the bottom of a cool valley; the water that flows from the hills guarantees the vines are perfectly supported.

Technical notes
100% Pinot Grigio sourced from three vineyards: Jesera, Cime, Bernizza. Vinification: Pinot Grigio grapes, dark grape variety (violet), are lightly macerated and pressed under CO2 that prevent oxidations and maintain the pink/orange color of the juice. This is the reason you see the copper refection in wine.

Other text
From 1930 to date, in harmony with the passing generations, 70 years have gone by filled with passion, sacrifices and successes, in a synergistic combination between the fascinating Collio and the continuous, incessant devotion to the wines and its grapes. Gianni, Giorgio and Giampaolo Venica are native producers who love their work and have dedicated themselves to enhancing their traditions with the aid of continuous research and innovation. Their work takes into account the numerous microclimates present on their property, so that they can create a "mosaic" of the various sites, diversities which are the direct expression of the peculiarities of the territory (Spirito del luogo) and the personality of their philosophy.

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