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MunJebel Bianco Cornell 10 750 2010 750 2010

MunJebel Bianco Cornell 10 750 2010 750 2010

Sku: 045050

These wines may not be everyone, but that said, Frank’swines are like none we have ever tasted. Through the use of amphorae for maturation, feet for crushing, and a lack of any treatments including SO2, Frank’s wines express the absolutely unique land of Mt. Etna (an extremely active volcano on the island) in a way that no other wine ever has. You really have to taste the wines and watch the color and flavor evolve in your glass to even have the most basic understanding of them. Yields are extremely low on these wines and the US allocation is extremely small. We apologize if we are unable to provide everyone who wants Frank’s wines the opportunity to taste them.

Technical notes
Coda di Volpe, Grecanico Dorato, Cattorata, Caracante, 450L anfora elevage, native yeast, no added sulfur 'Orange' color with small amount of sediment. The white varieties are fermented exactly like the red wines, on the skins throughout the entire alcoholic and malolactic fermentations, which usually ends at the end of January. It then goes into anfora, to rest about 6 months before bottling.

Other text
Munjebel is the combination of an Arabic word for mountain (munje) and and old dialect of Sicilian for mountain (jebel). It means mountain of mountains.

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