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Clyde May's Whiskey

Clyde May's Whiskey

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For hundreds of years, farmers took their excess produce and turned it into liquid gold to help supplement their income. It was a time-honored tradition and the Conecuh Ridge is an area that was renowned for its illegal whiskey-making. At one point, Federal agencies said it had the heaviest concentration of stills in the US. Working in small batches and with careful attention to detail, Clyde produced a warm, amber whiskey containing a hint of apples. In the deep South, there remain folk who still keep unmarked bottles of Mr. Clyde’s Special Reserve tucked away as carefully as family Bibles and precious photographs. Today, we take pride in keeping true to Mr. Clyde’s values—both in life and whiskey-making. Our new American whiskey embodies his spirit. We use a mash bill that consists of corn, rye and malted barley, and then age our whiskey in new caramel-charred white oak barrels. Clyde May’s Whiskey is meant to be sipped and savored. Allow the warmth and aroma of our amber spirit to transport you down the red-clay roads of Alabama to a simpler time.

 Ultimate Beverage Challenge 89 points (Apr 2014)
Aromas of banana custard, sugar cookies, stone fruit and caramel all mingle on the nose. Soft, smooth and round in the mouth the flavors start out sweet with hints of maple and butter toffee before turning to rich baking spices for a piquant finish.

Technical notes
42.5% abv

Other text
After serving in World War II, Clyde returned to Alabama to farm his land and raise a family. Though Clyde reared eight children, his farming endeavors were not as successful. Following in the well-worn footsteps of many before him, he turned to the illegal trade of whiskey-making, or "branch-farming" as he liked to call it, to help supplement his income. May sold much of his whiskey unaged, right from the still, but some he put down in barrels. He spent a large portion of his life perfecting the art of small batch whiskey-making and continued to experiment with different methods until he finally developed what came to be known as "Mr. Clyde's Special Reserve."

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Country: United States
Region: Alabama
Type: Straight Whiskey

Reg. $33.99

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