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Massican Sauvignon 2011    750 2011

Massican Sauvignon 2011 750 2011

Sku: 052100

Dan Petroski makes a Northern Italian-style Sauvignon Blanc from grapes grown in Napa’s Pope Valley Juliana Vineyard.

Wine maker notes
Inspired by the Sauvignons of northern Italy where the vineyards are framed by the Adriatic Sea and the Dolomite mountain range it would be difficult to recreate these wines anywhere else in the world, but we try. The grapes for this wine are farmed at Juliana Vineyards in Pope Valley where the daytime temperatures are often the highest in napa but the nights are as cool as they come producing a wine of intensity and freshness. A wine we hope achieves our goals. this bottling was completed in march 2012 and the production is 154 cases of wine. – from the Winemaker's website

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