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Benito Ferrara Greco di Tufo San Paolo 2011 750Ml 2011

Benito Ferrara Greco di Tufo San Paolo 2011 750Ml 2011

Sku: 052338

The Ferrara family produces tiny amounts of Greco di Tufo from their three hectares of vines in San Paolo di Tufo; they have grown grapes in the vicinity since 1880. Tufo is another area where large estates had previously purchased all available quality grapes; total production from small estates numbers less than 2000 cases. Ferrara’s vines are planted on steep slopes at 450-600 meters above sea level, where hand-harvesting is a must and the volcanic soils are rife with chunks of yellow sulphur, a component which enhances the aromatic characteristics of the Greco di Tufo varietal.

Tasting notes
The pale gold Greco di Tufo “San Paolo” DOC is floral,fragrant and crisp, as well as an excellent value.

Technical notes
Ferrara practices organic agriculture, but is not Certified Organic. Ferrara uses only copper and sulfur to combat mold and pests, environmentally integrating their approach to insect and disease control. Cover crops are left between the rows of vines, and after mowing, the cuttings are tilled into the soil for added fertilizer. The soil is analyzed and, if needed, only Potassium and Magnesium are added. Insects and fungus are scarce because of the dry, higher altitude of this site. Steady, light breezes work to reduce the threats of mold and other predators. The Ferrara family adds a small amount of SO2 in the wines before shipping in order to preserve their freshness and integrity.

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Country: Italy
Grape Varietal: Greco di Tufo
Type: Still wine

Reg. 21.99

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