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Paul Beau Cognac VSOP Grande Champagne

Paul Beau Cognac VSOP Grande Champagne

Sku: 052366

A truly superlative VSOP from boutique producer Paul Beau. Rich, perfectly balanced and incredibly complex for 'only' a VSOP - we're sure that some much older cognacs went into this cuvee. The delicate balance of flavour and finesse is extraordinary at this level. Clearly the work of a blender at the very top of his game.

Tasting notes
Nose: Richer and considerably more complex than expected. Brown sugar, fig, plum, baked apples, red grapes, cooked pear, some sandalwood, hay, fresh cut flowers... you get the idea: there's a lot going on here. Some really winey aromas, similar to aged Burgundy or Amontillado (almonds, melting butter etc) emerge as it aerates. Palate: The richness of flavour is there, but with a lightness of touch in the mouthfeel ie not as heavy as one might expect from the nose (this is not a bad thing, merely an observation). Delicious sweet candied notes mingle with toffee apples and honeysuckle mid-palate. Really well-defined flavours again on a medium-full palate demonstrating a remarkable elegance and delicacy. Finish: A crescendo of sweet fruit flavour, then a gradual glissando into slow-fading honey and spice. Good length. Mouth-watering.

Technical notes
Alcohol by Volume 40%

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Country: France
Region: Cognac
Type: Cognacs
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Reg. $57.99

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