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San Leon Manzanilla    750ML

San Leon Manzanilla 750ML

Sku: 053406

The bodegas de Herederos de Argüeso was founded in 1822 by Don Leon de Argüeso y Argüeso, who moved south from his home town of Arija, near Burgos in Northern Spain, to the much warmer climate of Andalucia. The town of Sanlucar de Barrameda, whose vineyards lay on albariza chalky soil, has its own unique micro-climate influenced by the moist warm breeze of the Atlantic. In moving to his new home, Argüeso bought a warehouse and dedicated himself to winemaking, with a strong specialization in the production of manzanilla. Over time, he acquired new vineyards and incorporated other wineries in the area, allowing a gradual increase and a gradual consolidation in the geographical area covered by the province of Cadiz, and in general Western Andalusia.

Tasting notes
100% palomino. Sugar: less than 3grames per liter. Total acidity: between 4,20 and 4,80. Dry, broad mouthfeel, and very complex. Ages for an average of 5 years.

Wine maker notes
Currently, Herederos de Argüeso (Heirs of Argüeso) is one of the largest producers of manzanilla in the region, maintaining the same high quality and artisanal processes used in the beginning. For this reason, this institution has a staff of twenty employees with extensive industry experience, has facilities located since its beginnings in the town of Sanlucar de Barrameda (the most temperate of the three Atlantic coast regions) with a total area of 20,000 m2 divided between offices and warehouses and has about 100 ha of plantations de viñedos, de los cuales 70 Ha. son de propiedad. of vineyards, of which 70 hectares are owned.

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