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Atsby NY Vermouth Amberthorn

Atsby NY Vermouth Amberthorn

Sku: 056265

Amberthorn is exhilarating – neither sugary nor dry, tart nor sweet. Its flavor is summery and fresh, cutting through Amberthorn like the quick swipe of a scythe through the center of a honeycomb. But sweet is nothing without some nettle – that prick from a thorn can feel disturbingly good, and the unusual and unexpected are what make us feel alive. Amberthorn is rich and aromatic. Botanicals like Chinese Anise, French lavender, and holy basil add a novel verdant quality. A squeeze of citrus rounds out the warm fruit of apple brandy. It’s a little bit thorny because it’s a little bit delicate — the botanicals we use are rare indeed, and so we make only very limited quantities.

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