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Simcic Sauvignonasse 2009

Simcic Sauvignonasse 2009

Sku: 056318

Tasting notes
Sauvignonasse is the Slovenian word for Friulano (the grape), but the vineyard site for this wine is firmly rooted in Italian soil, in the far northeast region of Friuli. The winemaker Marjan Simcic is a strict non-interventionist, producing wine that is natural and with respect for the environment and the universe dating back to his grandfather. With his 2009 vintage, the harvesting of very mature grapes gives the wine an extremely full-bodied, rich and long-lasting aromatics. After a while, more complex aromas develop, from an herbal note to the fragrance of dry flowers. The taste is initially peachy and then fruity. Overall the wine is rich and full-bodied, with penetrating minerality, dense structure, and a finish that will make you continue thinking about the entire experience.

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