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Balcones Whisky Single Malt Texas 1

Balcones Whisky Single Malt Texas 1

Sku: 057596

At the Balcones Distillery in Waco, TX, proprietor and head distiller Chip Tate marries innovation with traditional distillation methods to create premium, artisanal spirits that pay homage to America’s whiskey tradition. His passion for handcrafted spirits is evidenced by his attention to detail. “By building our own condensers, wash stills, heat exchangers, hot liquor tank, etc. we were able to build exactly the equipment we wanted to use to make spirits. We became extremely familiar with the tools of our trade. The equipment itself is one more level of the distilling process that we get to craft with our own hands,” says Tate. After careful inspection and approval of every stage of the production process, Chip and his team hand-dip each bottle of Balcones with wax as a seal of their approval.

Tasting notes
(Hints of pralines, vanilla and brown sugar evolve withaeration and water into ripe pear, Curacao orange and rum soaked raisins. The finish features smooth and elegant notes of warm salted butter and the slight zing of dried sweet citrus fruit. Its rounded like bourbon and deep like Scotch.

 Ultimate Beverage Challenge 88 points (Apr 2016)
(UB Collection,Finalist,Tried & True Award)- Bright bronze/copper color. Smells stunningly of malted milk balls, tropical fruits (guava, papaya), cornbread, unsweetened breakfast cereal, Graham crackers. Taste is alluringly sweet, sappy, maple-like, biscuity, honeyed, spicy (clove plays the major role), with a curious nuance of mustard seed. Finishes long, toasty, woody, supple.

Technical notes
(105°) 100% malted barley, small batch whiskey made in customized copper pot stills. Non-chill filtered, with no artificial coloring or other agents added, this American single malt was made using traditional methods with modern technology.

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Country: United States
Region: Texas
Type: Straight Whiskey

Reg. $119.99

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