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Scholium Prince In His Caves 2010

Scholium Prince In His Caves 2010

Sku: 057620

Wine maker notes
The Prince in 2009 is gloriously turbid. Cloudy is not even the right word. It is so nearly gelatinous that one truly wonders what strange techniques, what unspecified additives, brought about this result. In fact, none. The wine is simply a skin-fermented Sauvignon Blanc. Skin-fermented means that we made the wine in the same way that we would have made a red wine. The juice-- instead of being strained away-- was kept in contact with the skins and seeds until we thought that their fiereceness has contributed enough to the wine. No additions or subtractions. It is more dense than the 2008, less orange than the 2007, more citrus-y than any previous incarnation. It is quite yuzu-like, but with the seductive power of apricot marmalade. It gives joy as unforeseen pleasure succeeds surprise and atopia. The most beautiful example yet of our signature wine. No less savage, but smells more like a garden in summer and less like a lion's den.

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