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Roagna Dolcetto d'Alba Roagna 2012 750Ml 2012

Roagna Dolcetto d'Alba Roagna 2012 750Ml 2012

Sku: 057675

Dolcetto is one of the great and underappreciated winesof Italy, sometimes languishing in the shadows of its cousin, Barbera. Yet I like Dolcetto for its dark, spicy fruit and rustic robustness; neither light nor heavy, itís versatile with food. I tend to look for producers who farm organically and keep the winemaking process as simple as possible, making wines that ask questions rather than make loud statements. The Roagna family in Piemonte has been making wines like this for over 150 years, and their 2011 Roagna Dolcetto is a tribute to both the grape and the region. Its earthy flavors transport you to another time and place, where food and wine are enjoyed with simple reverence. You get all of this without a staggering price tag. This is a wine that can be enjoyed without ceremony, just a good, home-cooked meal.
~ Bart, Italian Red Wine Buyer

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The story of organic grape growers is typically one of temptation, fall from grace, and redemption. First, a grower might succumb to the false promises of chemical farming and destroy the life in his soil with herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. After years of struggle and declining soil health, the grower sees the light of chemical-free farming and then saves both his soil and vineyard. Itís the kind of tale meant to bring a tear to the eye. The story of Roagna is nothing like this. When farming with chemicals began to take hold in the 20th century, the Roagnas remained skeptical of its promises. Instead, they decided against shortcuts and continued farming as they always did ó growing grasses and mulching between the rows of vines for health and fertility of the soil. It was more work, but the end result was wines with purity and tradition. Today, Roagna is well-respected as being a torch bearer for the older style of Barolo, Barbera and Dolcetto, a style thatís coming back into fashion today.
~ Bart, Italian Red Wine Buyer

Food pairing
When it comes to food, Iím a self-confessed minimalist. After a hard dayís work (or a hard dayís play), I try to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible. But I also prefer simple flavors and fresh, natural ingredients that donít need elaborate preparations to mask their true essence. This minimalist approach really opens the door to creative wine pairings; less demanding food allows wine to have more presence on the table. This lovely Dolcetto is perfect for such a meal: youthful and fragrant, its dark, savory flavors sing rather than shout. Recently, I enjoyed it with some fresh rainbow trout from Union Square Greenmarket, roasted whole in the oven with sea salt, pepper, garlic and oil, and served alongside roasted potatoes and a salad. With its hearty tannins and bright acidity, the Dolcetto paired effortlessly with the rich, flavorful fish and also had a rustic edge that matched the earthiness of the roasted potatoes.
~ Bart, Italian Red Wine Buyer

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Country: Italy
Grape Varietal: Dolcetto
Type: Still wine, Organic

Reg. 16.99

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