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Chateau Roque le Mayne 2011

Chateau Roque le Mayne 2011

Sku: 059004

Floral and lush, with generous flavors of plum, blackberry, baking spice and cocoa.

Youíve heard mention of our Bordeaux Secrets before, wines selected for their fantastic taste, great value and authenticity of style. Today, 67 Wine shines the spotlight on one of my personal favorites: the Ch‚teau Roque Le Mayne 2010. Somewhat rigid upon its arrival here last year, the wine has since mellowed quite nicely, and Iíve grown increasingly fond of it each time Iíve come back to it. Here is my note on this delicious bottle:
ďA nose that is floral and lush, while the palate is generous with flavors of plum, blackberry, baking spice and cocoa. Seamless integration of oak and a luxurious texture make this wine immensely enjoyable.Ē
~ Dmitriy, 67Wine Buyer

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